Token C28 Zenith Carbon Clincher Wheelset


Some days you get on the bike and you feel like a million dollars. Hills seem flat and riding buddies can’t keep up. Now we can’t guarantee that the C28 wheels will make you feel like this, but they can help make you a whole lot faster.

The best feature of these wheels is certainly their weight, but that’s only the beginning of what makes these a great set of wheels. Sure, they weigh a hair under 1300 grams (!) but this is useless if you can’t get your power to the ground. The rear wheel is laced using our Diametric Spoke Pattern that maximises power transfer and keeps the wheel tough enough to handle bad roads, without kidney destroying harshness.

With all this goodness packed into the rim, hubs and spokes, it would be foolish to not pay special attention to the bearings. For that reason we use our super smooth TFT bearings which are housed in our precisely CNC machined Arsenal hubs. Because they run so smoothly, more of your energy goes to powering the bike forward, rather than overcoming drag. To keep you keep your speed up, the C28 wheels feature an aerodynamic shape that cuts down on drag.

If you are looking for a set of wheels that will drop weight from your bike and make climbing easier then these wheels are a fantastic choice. While most wheels that make these claims are race wheels, these clinchers can be used day in and day out.


  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Weight: 565 g (f) / 730 g (r), total: 1295 g
  • Rim Diameter: 700c
  • Rim Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Rim Width: (External)     21 mm
  • Rim Width: (Internal)     14.7 mm
  • Rim Height: 28 mm
  • Nipples: Internal
  • Cassette Compatibility:   Shimano / SRAM 10-11s or Campagnolo 10-11s
  • Spoke Lacing: Radial (f) and Diametric (r)
  • Spoke Count: 20 (f) and 24 (r)
  • Spoke Type: C-XRAY Straight
  • Hub Type: Arsenal
  • Bearing Count: 2 (f) and 4 (r)
  • Bearing Type: TFT
  • Disc Brake Compatible:   No
  • Spacing: Road - 100 (f) / 130 (r)
  • Included Extras: Rim tape, Skewers, Carbon Specific Brake Pads, Wheel bag (option), Extra spokes and nipples (option)


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