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The Shimano 105 groupset is a high-quality selection to kit out your bike with; not so basic that you'll feel like you have a beginner's groupset on, and not too expensive that you'll have to reconsider whether it's worth buying a new bike altogether. As with Shimano's universally-respected quality and durability, 105 bike components come with the trusted heritage and performance aspects that you'd expect from such a renowned brand.

Why buy the Shimano 105 Groupset?

Having made the jump up to 11-speed, this groupset offers an all-round top performance, with great shifting of gears and brilliant braking. The Shimano 105 gives the widest range of cyclists the opportunity to ride a groupset inspired by professional riders, following Shimano's belief in system engineering, at only a fraction of the cost. With some features adopted from the more expensive Dura-Ace and Ultegra, the 105 contains individually designed parts which work together to guarantee quality - whether it's the compact grip on shift levers, or the front derailleur having a longer link arm.

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