Clip in and go. Choose the right cycle shoes for your ride.

Clip in and go. Choose the right cycle shoes for your ride.

Cycling shoes are what drive your bike forward. Learn all about them and which ones suit your needs.

What Are Cycling Shoes?

What you wear on your feet has always been a bold statement and whether we like it or not, shoes give away a lot of information about us. This is not just the case for fashion, but also for function. Shoes have a purpose, and that’s not any less of a factor when you’re on the bike, so making sure you have the right ones is important.

Professional cyclists across all disciplines of the sport wear cycling shoes that clip in to your pedals. Having cleats affixed as opposed to standard bike pedals means that you can cycle clipped in – giving you a more secure ride and heightened power transfer. Being less material and more streamlined, cycling shoes are great for aerodynamics as they are lighter and have a smooth material for the air to slip past as you pedal.

Read this Cycling Shoes Buying Guide to learn all about the right footwear to have on the bike.

Road Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are built with performance in mind. Designed to clip into your cleats and provide effective two-way power transfer (on the pull up as well as the push down), cycling shoes are truly built for riding. Typically, the cycle shoes will feature two or three straps and a solid build - these two factors work together to bring you strong support and the kind of durability that will withstand hours and hours of aggressive pushing, pulling, sprinting and the unfortunate bashing and scraping that they will inevitably take. The straps are much easier than laces as they can easily hold your shoe in place, with simple adjustments made for tightness and there is no danger of them getting caught in your chain or cassette.

Triathlon Shoes

If you’re triathlete looking for a solid cycling shoe, you’ll be best served with a variation on the classic. A triathlon shoe is specialised for competition. Fundamentally a cycling shoe, designs only have a single strap rather than multiple ones. This single strap on triathlon shoes helps with the transition stage in triathlon - you can rip off one strap a lot quicker and with much more ease than you can rip off two or three.


Cycling shoes and triathlon shoes also come in a variety of designs and colour ways depending on preference. From subtle black and whites, to loud reds and fluorescent colours, you can match up your cycling shoes to your bike and clothing.

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