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Myprotein Raceday Endurance Bundle


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Fuel yourself for longer with the Myprotein endurance bundle featuring a combination of Electrofuel and Recoverfuel powders paired with Energy Elite Gels for an instant shot of carbohydrate during exercise. Fuel efficiently using the Myprotein Endurance Water Bottle and Mix Master Shaker.

Energy Elite is Myprotein’s latest energy gel, designed to fuel sustained performance. Containing multiple carbohydrates, an electrolyte blend and B Vitamin matrix, Energy Elite has been formulated so that you get the most out of your body when it matters most. In a handy 50g sachet, Energy Elite has been designed so that you can consume it anytime, anywhere.

ElectroFuel provides 45g of carbohydrate per serving. With electrolytes coming from sodium, potassium and magnesium, it has been designed to work as hard as you do in supporting performance. With a natural source of minerals coming from the inclusion of coconut water powder, you can be sure that ElectroFuel will help you get the most out of your body. Arriving in a range of deliciously refreshing natural flavours, ElectroFuel is perfect for sipping to stay hydrated.

RecoverFuel packs over 20 nutrient-dense ingredients into every single 60g serving. With a multiple carbohydrate blend, RecoverFuel will ensure your muscle glycogen stores are effectively restored. With a premium supply of whey protein isolate, RecoverFuel provides over 22g of protein per serving. To ensure the body receives a tapered supply of amino acids, this innovative blend incorporates Micellar WheyTM, a truly next-generation protein.

  • 20 x Myprotein Energy Elite Gels, Orange
  • Myprotein RecoverFuel, Natural Chocolate (1kg)
  • Myprotein ElectroFuel, Summer Fruits (1kg)
  • Myprotein Mix Master Shaker
  • Myprotein Endurance Water Bottle


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Myprotein Raceday Endurance Bundle


Myprotein Raceday Endurance Bundle