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Elite Volano Smart B+ Turbo Trainer
Elite Volano Smart B+ Turbo Trainer
Elite Volano Smart B+ Turbo Trainer
Elite Volano Smart B+ Turbo Trainer

Elite Volano Smart B+ Turbo Trainer

JPY 47519.0

小売価格: ¥61,199


割引: ¥13,680


  • 製品の概要

    Direct drive transmission


    • Direct transmission hometrainer with integrated fluid resistance technology.
    • Superquiet, smooth.
    • Wide power range: ideal for cadence, power and speed-based training sessions.
    • Flywheel: 3 kg.
    • Wheel off design eliminates slippage and tyre wear.
    • The Misuro B+ Sensor (included) sends speed, power and cadence data to ANT™+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible apps and devices.
    • 12 months of free App My E-Training. “Level training” is free to use without limit.

    Tech Specifications:

    • Progressive resistance that gradually increases with speed.
    • Extremely quiet: Fluid based resistance and the direct transmission of effort eliminate the high noise levels associated with indoor training.
    • Internal flywheel: smooth road-like pedaling during all types of training.
    • Direct Power Transmission: The direct transmission of power output is achieved through a direct connection between the trainer and the bicycle’s chain. This design eliminates all forms of slippage-when starting, accellerating or during the most intense sprints.
    • Integrated Fluid Resistance Technology: A wide range of resistance levels and a high degree of pedaling smoothness come from an integrated resistance unit that uses Elite designed silicone oil
    • Easy to use: Substitute your bicycle’s rear wheel with Turbo Muin and start training right away, as if you were on the road.
    • Compatible with Road and MTB bikes with standard diameter quick release, 130mm/135mm hubs and 142x12 thru axles
    • Self-adjusting Progressive Resistance: Fluid resistance, similar to the air resistance experienced on the road, gradually increases with speed; use higher gears for power-based training and lower gears for base level and rpm training . The wide range of resistance covers both the needs of the pro-level athlete and the amateur.
    • Stable and foldable frame: just fold it and store it once you’re done training
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