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Speedplay offers a variety of lightweight, floating and dual-sided entry pedals for road cycling - a necessity for anyone who takes their cycling seriously. With Speedplay pedals, you can guarantee quality, due to its aerodynamic pedal system and streamlined look. Not only this, but as they're easy to maintain, with a great locking mechanism, these pedals are sure to be a hit for all cyclists. As well as pedals, Speedplay also stock replacement cycling cleats and a cleat extender kit, to ensure that your pedals are optimised to your ride - customisation which allows you to get the best from your ride!

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小計: ( ショッピングカートにあるアイテム)

Speedplay Fore-Aft Cleat Extender Base Plate Kit - 13330

RRP ¥4,678
Save: ¥701

Speedplay Light Action Longer Spindles - 59mm (Pair)

RRP ¥23,398
Save: ¥10,007

Speedplay X Pedal Cleat Covers - Coffee Shop Caps

RRP ¥2,026
Save: ¥701

Speedplay Zero Pedal Spindle Set

RRP ¥23,398
Save: ¥10,139

Speedplay X Series Pedal Spindle Set

RRP ¥17,940
Save: ¥6,445

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