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Tacx Ceramic Bearing T4065 Bicycle Jockey Wheels - Shimano

RRP ¥4,678
Save: ¥1,364

Tacx Bracket for Tablets

RRP ¥5,458
Save: ¥951

Tacx Trainer Quick Release Skewer - Rear

RRP ¥934
Save: ¥140

Tacx Clincher Turbo Trainer Tyre

RRP ¥5,458
Save: ¥1,216

Tacx Standard T4090 Bicycle Jockey Wheels - SRAM

RRP ¥1,558
Save: ¥366

Tacx Sweat Cover for Smartphone

RRP ¥3,430
Save: ¥647

Tacx Tao Cycling Bottle Cage

RRP ¥2,494
Save: ¥639

Tacx Standard T4050 Bicycle Jockey Wheels - Shimano

RRP ¥1,558
Save: ¥366

Tacx Satori Smart Trainer


Tacx Lightweight Cycling Bottle Cage Saddle Clamp

RRP ¥2,338
Save: ¥1,013

Tacx Flux Smart Trainer

RRP ¥109,198
Save: ¥7,800

Tacx Brake Block Tuner

RRP ¥2,182
Save: ¥327
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Tacx started out in 1957 as a simple bicycle shop and has since grown into an innovative company with an immense passion for the sport of cycling. Founder Koos Tacx, together with his family and staff, has turned the name Tacx into a leading global brand that stands for quality. Tacx rollers are indoor bike trainers used by the world’s best professional teams and have now become an indispensable training companion for many professionals, amateurs, recreational cyclists and athletes.